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Why Go Solar

A one stop shop for all solar related services in high end solar installations, residential solar installations, commercial solar installations, detaching & resetting solar panels, solar panel disinfecting services, and all other solar services.


Instead of having a variable bill that fluctuates all the time, have a steady and fixed, predictable cost of energy with no surprises all year long for 25+ years

Environmental Impact

Your home will harvest clean energy from the sun every day while not contributing to the negative impact of global warming.

Savings & Stability

History usually repeats itself. Knowing what you’ve paid for power in the past will help you predict the rising costs of power for the future.

Home Value

According to Zillow, on average, a solar home adds 4.1% to the value of a home

How Solar Works

Collection PlantGeneration PlantTransmissionDistributionConversionConsumption
Collection Plant
Extracting resources like coal, natural gas, and oil out of the ground. Can also come from nuclear, wind, hydro, and solar farms
Sample Utility Bill
Electricity Generation
DWR Bond Charge
Public Purpose Programs
Nuclear Decommissioning
DWR Revenue Adjustment
Competition Transition Charge
Local Generation Charge
Reliability Services
*Numbers used are for information purposes only and are not exact numbers from the customer's utility bill

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